Derrick May 

Chief Executive Officer of Optimum Energy Partners LLC

How to Make a Profit Investing in Oil With a Limited Budget

Putting your money into the oil market may be done in various ways. First, it is possible to purchase shares in oil firms, which often come with dividends. Oil is an essential component of the glob...

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How Can Natural Gas Be a Better Environmental Alternative?

Natural gas is less polluting, cheaper, and quieter than oil and coal and emits fewer greenhouse gases. Natural gas also produces fewer particulates. So, is natural gas a viable substitute for gaso...

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In the energy sector, company culture is critical

There are numerous reasons to alter the business culture, but maybe no one explanation explains why a change is required, as Derrick May reminds us. A lack of communication between management and s...

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Why Natural Gas Investments Matter Today

According to Derrick May, timing is important in an investing atmosphere when oil and gas prices are soaring. The first half of 2021 was a scorching one for oil prices, as WTI rose by fifty percent...

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Top 10 Unique and Beautiful Places to Visit in the World

In Derrick May’s opinion, you've probably wondered, "Where are the best places in the world?" Well, the answer depends on the nature of your travel plans. Whether you're seeking adventure, re...

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For People Who Are New to Losing Weight, How to Work Out at the Gym

You might injure your muscles in a multitude of ways while you work out at the gym. To get the most out of your time together, avoid doing any activities that make you feel self-conscious. Think ab...

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